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Window Cleaning - Only better !
At West Cork Window Cleaning we use the revolutionary Pure Water system which guarantees better results every time !
Pure Water Cleaning technology is a revolutionary new approach to window cleaning.
Pure water is just normal water that has been put through the process of reverse osmosis which removes all the sediments and minerals in the water leaving just pure H20. This pure H20 is like the magic of water because when you use it to clean windows the glass disappears. It really does do a fantastic job. The benefits of Pure Water Window Cleaning are :
  • Deeper Clean: Pure Water attracts and loosens dirt off the window using the power positive and negative electrons.-
  • Better Results: Windows stay cleaner for longer because no detergents are used.
  • Glistening Glass: The Pure Water drys on the window into a streak-free, super-clean finish.We use our Pure Water not only on windows but also on fascias, soffits, gutters and many other surfaces too.
    For additional safety and to ensure that we reach all those difficult areas we use the long reach system which means NO ladders with minimal fuss ensuring that we get the job done quickly and efficiently.
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